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Chiropractic Testimonies

Dear Skeptical Chiropractic Patient...

Posted: June 13, 2016
By: Nicole Lear

APRIL 4, 2016


Dear Skeptical Chiropractic Patient, 


I was just like you. One word, suspicious.  However, thanks to  Dr. Rich, my overall health has vastly improved, as well as, the health of my five-year-old. Below is our story.


Fix me, now, philosophy

"Fix me and I will be on my way..." this was my approach to chiropractors BEFORE being treated and educated by Dr. Rich. In the past, I had chiropractors help with pain management after car accidents, falls, etc. That said, I was turned off by what I saw as sales tactics by previous chiropractors.  That is, until meeting Dr. Rich. I view Dr. Rich as a doctor that gives excellent care, and he is also an exemplary teacher.  Like any good teacher, he welcomes questions and provides answers in a way that make sense. 


Initial consultation 

Before looking at my x-rays, I told him I didn’t need to know about all of the healing benefits of chiropractic care.  I have seen a few so you can save that lecture.  “I just want you to fix my back.  It hurts!" Quickly, I realized that tactic wasn't received the same with him.  In the past, after I gave my "just fix me speech", I was told, "okay, I understand, let's adjust you today, and when you hurt or the pain returns, come back." 


In a respectful yet firm manner, he told me that was not how he practiced and to get better the “drive by” chiropractic visits I was accustomed to would not “fix” my back. Being met with a different answer than with previous chiropractors, I was intrigued as an educational researcher, so I asked him to share his philosophy.  Within minutes, he shared a detailed, easy to understand global view of how and why he felt adjustments should not be a one-time occurrence. 


After I had left that day, I began to question my previous viewpoint. As an educator, I can spot a good teacher, and he was teaching with passion. Teaching, I might add, to a very passive-aggressive patient who just wanted to be "fixed."   As I listened more, I was immediately impressed with his passion for proving me wrong. I do not typically lose in debate situations. As an educational researcher, I research all sides. That said,  I had not studied chiropractic care as a prevention approach. I knew zip about it, and since I am not arrogant, I knew I had to give his method a try and see the “action research” myself. 



Outcome of philosophical differences

He won. I lost.  I had to evaluate my methodology.  Simply,  I lost due to the fact I did not look at the on-going benefits of chiropractic care. I knew the immediate benefits, but I didn't look past those immediate benefits into the deeper functional medicine approach and the long-term benefits. It did not take long for me to realize the immediate health benefits, and ironically they were not connected with my initial complaint - my lower back pain. My asthma improved significantly, and I have gone from having at least two major attacks per year that resulted in lengthy hospital stays and tons of steroids to zero attacks. 


So far, his treatment record with me is impressive.  My headaches - gone after adjustments.  I am off all my asthma medicines and have experienced no asthma attacks or sinus infections since getting regular adjustments. 


My low back pain (my initial reason for seeing Dr. Rich) is 100% better. Now, my shoulder and neck pain is much better although not 100%; Unless he can fix my unfortunate luck that caused these accidental falls, I believe it would be 100% in all areas if I weren't accident prone. 


Excellent Pediatric Treatment  

Skeptical by nature, I was surprised at how quickly I developed confidence in Dr. Rich for adult treatment. I was still unsure about pediatric chiropractic care. The more I questioned, the more he answered, and the more I learned. The more research based articles I read, the more I became intrigued. The more I discussed it with my husband we both decided on changing several things with our five-year-old.   I brought my daughter into see him one afternoon with a glazed look and complaints of a headache. I asked him if he could "fix her."  Now, it is important to note that 90% of my visits I would take my daughter is with me, so she has learned by watching. It also helps that she also thinks Dr. Rich is “funny” and “silly” because he makes her laugh. The day I brought her in for a headache in the past would have landed us in an ambulance to Children's Hospital because I know "5-year-old headaches" are not "normal" so I would go to worst case scenario. However, that day was different because she said, "Momma my head hurts bad.  Can Dr. Rich fix it?" I paused. I was already preparing to drive to the ER. I prayed, and a calmness came over me. I told her that I was not sure, but we would see. I walked with her that day, and I was scared.  I have never had my medical fears so quickly eliminated by any doctor. Once she got on the table, and he started joking with her and adjusting her, much to my dismay, she immediately felt better. Her eyes looked different. NO more glazed look.  Her headache was gone. I was in disbelief. Not only is he great with kids, but his office staff is as well. Rhonda and Nicole always greet my five-year-old very warmly, and they are incredibly kind to her and display a genuine kindness when speaking to her. 


No longer a skeptic 

 Dr. Rich has a genuine care for families and their overall health. My improved health and my daughter asking for adjustments sealed the deal.  Dr. Rich possesses the qualities of an outstanding practitioner.  He listens without rushing, and his care for all of his patients is evident and genuine.  Above all, his love for his wife, children, and God are naturally apparent.  What more could one ask for in a doctor?


Believer in Chiropractic Care,


Jodi B.












Thanks to the Good Lord and Chiropractic

Posted: August 27, 2015
By: Dr. Rich Schones

Dr. Rich,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the great care that you provide. Your office is inviting, the staff is cheerful, welcoming and professional. The atmosphere is comforting with the worship music and scripture verses. I must say, I feel 100% better this morning than I did yesterday when I came in for my appointment. At 55 I can truly give credit to chiropractic  care( and the Lord of course)  for my overall good health. It makes perfect sense to me and I do not understand the skeptics and critics. I know that you consider  your practice a ministry and that is how I pray for you and Savannah Hills. Thanks again and I look forward to my next visit.


With gratitude,